U.Porto ALUMNI Ambassadors

Being a U.PortoALUMNI Ambassador is an opportunity to be a part of the success of the University of Porto (U.Porto), promoting, disseminating and representing the University with your national and international contacts. Learn how you can join this international network of excellence and meet the current U.PortoALUMNI Ambassadors below:

Meet the U.PortoALUMNI Ambassadors:

Ana Filipa Linhas - U.PortoALUMNI Ambassador in Geneva (Switzerland)

Name: Ana Filipa Pereira da Silva Sequeira Linhas
Degree awarded: Law, from FDUP
Graduated: 2008
Current City and Country: Geneva, Switzerland.
Job: Jurist

"After graduating and finishing my internship, I decided to move to Switzerland to look for new challenges and opportunities beyond the classic ones afforded by my Law degree.
Because of the demand for quality and the diversity of my education at the Faculty of Law of U.Porto, I was easily able to adapt to the various branches of Law in which I have worked. I was also able to experience challenging and enriching experiences, such as working with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the Permanent Mission of Portugal to the United Nations, and the International Commission of Jurists.
Interacting with other cultures and being constantly challenged are the major advantages of living in another country. With the training I received from U.Porto, job opportunities are really endless, both in the public and the private sector.
Although I did not get the chance to participate in the Erasmus exchange programme while I was studying at U.Porto, I believe this exchange sponsored by the University is an excellent way of making an initial contact with another country and realizing all of the opportunities possible as a U.Porto ALUMNI!"

Abel Ferreira - U.PortoALUMNI Ambassador in Barcelona (Spain)

Name: Abel António de Azevedo Ferreira
Degree awarded: Master's in Electrical and Computer Engineering, FEUP
Graduated: 2011
Current City and Country: Barcelona (Spain)
Job: R&D Engineer

" I had a great experience at U.Porto. I applied to the best Portuguese university in 2006 knowing it would be a real challenge and an opportunity for personal and professional growth. It turned out to be a very positive experience, which I especially recommend to young people who want to learn new skills with qualified and visionary teachers, with very diverse professional paths in both academic and business settings.
From a personal point of view, Porto is sensational in various ways. It is a city famous for its beauty and culture, and defined by the strong character of its citizens. All year round the city hosts a range of world events, such as motorized sports, athletics, classical music, etc. Most of all, Porto is a city with an academic tradition, and hosts an amazing student parade among the main arteries of the city.
My training in Electrical and Computer Engineering would end in 2011, but I still maintained a connection to the Faculty of Engineering until 2013, through my participation in research projects in the field of renewable energies, and also assisting with the education of younger students in technical subjects in this programme.
My "calling card" as a U.Porto student quickly opened some doors that took me abroad. Nowadays I work in a challenging R&D project in a European consortium, with about five universities and six European companies. I am also working at a company that does R&D in customized products and services in Power Electronics. And I am getting a third cycle degree in the best Engineering university in Catalonia. Eventually, I would like to return to my city, Porto...“


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