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Faça uma doação à Universidade do Porto

Besides academic sponsorship, our ALUMNI also have the chance to contribute to the development of University of Porto (U.Porto) through donations.

How will your donation be used? You can make a general donation which will be allocated to any of the situations which U.Porto considers to be the most important. Alternatively, you can make a donation to a school or University project that matches your interests or relates to your studies or current career. Fields as diverse as education, environment, innovation, health or culture can advance with your help.

Your donation could, for example, help our brightest students do their best, help protect our fragile planet, help good ideas boast the economy, help solve the world's health problems, or preserve our cultural heritage.

Making donations to the University from where you graduated from can be one of the finest gestures our ALUMNI can do.

For more information, please contact the U.Porto ALUMNI Office.


Gabinete Alumni e Financiamento Complementar
Círculo Universitário
Rua do Campo Alegre, 877
4180 Porto, Portugal

Tel. +351 220 408 093

Support will be preferably made online or telephone. In the situations that it cannot occur, in person support will be done through pre-scheduling.