U.Porto Generations

We have been looking for families in which different generations have attended or are attending the University of Porto. These are stories of doctors, scientists, businessmen, or architects whose children, grandchildren, and other family members followed. These are stories of parents and children who shared the same classrooms. They are stories of men and women in whom the U.Porto runs in the blood ... Know these stories do the University of Porto. Meet the Generations U.Porto.

The project "Generations U.Porto" is a project of emotions. In this mini-website the family is the motto to know the emotions around the U.Porto. Parents, children, grandparents or grandchildren will show here that the course at U.Porto goes beyond the rational plan of attending an institution of excellence. These families also show their courage, opening their hearts and their lives. Get carried away by your emotions.


Gabinete ALUMNI U.Porto
Rectory of U.Porto
Praça Gomes Teixeira
4099-002 Porto, Portugal