How you can help

Como pode ajudar a Universidade do Porto

The University of Porto (U.Porto) ALUMNI are always welcome "home", whether it is to participate in our activities connected to teaching and research, to be present at University events, or the various cultural, social and sports initiatives that regularly take place on our campuses. Many of our former students are still involved with U.Porto long after having finished their college education.

How can you help? There are several ways of helping U.Porto in all its many activities. At the outset, U.Porto challenges its ALUMNI to be involved in the community through Volunteering projects organized by the University and/or its schools, student associations and other associations managed within the academic community.

Why not offer some of your time and become a mentor for our students, sharing ideas derived from your professional experience? Or just offer your professional advice to our graduates through a closer relationship with our employability services. And would your company like to offer an internship to a recent graduate from one of the finest universities in Europe, or even set up business collaborations with U.Porto?

Help your University by becoming a patron of U.Porto or of one of its schools, making key contributions to the quality of the University, as demonstrated in this example. Another equally important way of expressing your pride in having been a part of this great University, is through donations, which can be one of the best gestures from our ALUMNI.

U.Porto will always be grateful for your contribution in its various areas of operation, and is always eager to hear your feedback. Be a part of your University! Something is always happening in the U.Porto ALUMNI community.


Gabinete Alumni e Financiamento Complementar
Círculo Universitário
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4180 Porto, Portugal

Tel. +351 220 408 093

Support will be preferably made online or telephone. In the situations that it cannot occur, in person support will be done through pre-scheduling.