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The University of Porto (U.Porto) has a strong presence on LinkedIn. This platform plays a crucial communication role for the University, and is one of the best ways for the U.Porto ALUMNI community to connect with former classmates and widen their business networks.

Over 39,000 U.Porto ALUMNI are members of the official U.Porto page on LinkedIn, making it an excellent platform for obtaining professional advice and sharing personal experiences and knowledge with other U.Porto ALUMNI of all ages and professions.

Once you are connected to the U.Porto official page (by including U.Porto in the Education section of your LinkedIn profile) you can take advantage of all the benefits of connecting to U.Porto in this digital age.

You will also be able to find former classmates who attended the University with you or join the weekly discussions that take place in the Group "Universidade do Porto ALUMNI" (University of Porto ALUMNI).

Groups on LinkedIn are one of the most practical ways of getting in touch with former classmates and friends from U.Porto, building up contacts and sharing ideas and experiences. Would you like to organize a reunion for old classmates? Would you like to know some of the advantages of becoming a U.Porto ALUMNI? Would you like to share your professional experience with current U.Porto students? Would you like to be more involved in the activities and life of U.Porto? Then the LinkedIn Group "Universidade do Porto ALUMNI" (University of Porto ALUMNI), now with over 5,700 members, is the right place for you.

We will soon make available a series of tutorials on best practices for using LinkedIn and on how you can use your connection to U.Porto through this social network.


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