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cartao alumni uporto antigos estudantes universidade do porto

The new ALUMNI U.Porto Card identifies you as a former student of the University of Porto (U.Porto). Integrating different technologies, this card allows access to a growing number of functionalities and services existing inside and outside the university campus.

Members in their own right in the U.Porto community, the former students have at their disposal a wide range of benefits offered by the University and by partner institutions that can be accessed simply through the ALUMNI U.Porto Card. These advantages include privileged access to the University's libraries, restaurants and museums, as well as to the Job Portal and the services of U.Porto Inovação.

Each U.Porto student also benefits from special discounts on access to Continuing Education courses, sports and cultural activities, as well as exclusive advantages on services offered by partner entities of our University. The use of the card in the aforementioned services is always dependent on prior authorization of those responsible for its management.

To obtain this card you should simply use the U.Porto Former Student Data Update Area available on this page. The U.Porto undertakes to respect the legislation in force on the protection of personal data, guaranteeing its confidentiality:

cartao alumni uporto antigos estudantes universidade do porto


Gabinete Alumni e Financiamento Complementar
Círculo Universitário
Rua do Campo Alegre, 877
4180 Porto, Portugal

Tel. +351 220 408 093

Support will be preferably made online or telephone. In the situations that it cannot occur, in person support will be done through pre-scheduling.