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Prossiga os estudos na Universidade do Porto

Return to your University to further your education. As a University of Porto (U.Porto) alumni, you are always welcome at your institution, and can enjoy benefits and special access conditions to training.

If you have concluded your licentiate degree (1st Cycle degree course) at U.Porto, you can always return and improve your CV with a post-graduate degree (master's or doctoral degree). U.Porto offers a wide range of inter-university study programmes, taught in association with other Portuguese partner universities:

U.Porto schools offer a wide range of quality continuing education programmes, which are flexible, designed for various target audiences and professional categories and, in general, for anyone interested in updating and increasing their knowledge. All of this while benefiting from the teaching quality of U.Porto's professors and researchers, and the structures and learning environment in which the University has continued to invest, which make for a stimulating and enriching experience.

Training programmes which do not confer a degree, such as the specialization programmes (2nd Cycle / Master's degrees) and advanced studies (3rd Cycle / Doctoral degrees), continuing education and open courses, are listed in the U.Porto Lifelong Learning Catalogue.

If you wish to increase your knowledge in the fields of study available at the University, you can also take one or more curricular units, provided that you meet the access requirements, whether you are an internal or external student.

In addition to this, U.Porto is available to work with companies and other organizations in developing tailored training programmes, focused on the needs and challenges of your organization.

Learn more from the Training and Academic Organisation Unit (FOA), located in the U.Porto Rectory.


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