Enjoy special access and benefits

Usufrua de benefícios e acessos especiais na Universidade do Porto

U.Porto alumni have earned their right to be a part of the University's community. As an alumnus/alumna, you have at your disposal a wide range of services and initiatives made available by the University and partner institutions.

These include privileged access to the University's libraries, canteens, and museums, our Job Board (Bolsa de Emprego) and the services of U.Porto Innovation.

You also benefit from special discounts to our Continuing Education courses, our sports and cultural activities, and exclusive advantages in accessing services promoted by the University's partner institutions.

U.Porto values being close to its alumni, enabling them to play an important role in its development, dissemination, in representing the University to employers and to the general public, and even in increasing collaboration with companies and other institutions.

Below are some of the services, activities and special discounts made available by U.Porto to its alumni:

To access the University services open to the ALUMNI community, ask for a statement to this effect from the U.Porto Alumni Office. All you need to do is email alumni@reit.up.pt, and provide your full name, academic degree, year of graduation and ID or Citizen's Card number. Feel free to contact the U.Porto ALUMNI Office for any information requests or updates. Located in the U.Porto Rectory, the mission of this Office is to help maintain communication between U.Porto and its alumni.

Services provided by Partner Institutions

U.Porto alumni have exclusive access to a range of services/initiatives promoted by the University and partner institutions.

Here you will find information on the benefits available:


Gabinete Alumni e Financiamento Complementar
Círculo Universitário
Rua do Campo Alegre, 877
4180 Porto, Portugal

Tel. +351 220 408 093

Support will be preferably made online or telephone. In the situations that it cannot occur, in person support will be done through pre-scheduling.