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Faça voluntariado na Universidade do Porto

Life in the University of Porto (U.Porto) has been greatly improved by its growing number of dedicated volunteers, giving their time, skills and experience in support of the University's activities.

From the dynamic global network generated and maintained by our ALUMNI associations, entirely based on the efforts of our ALUMNI, to the various mentors supporting our students at various stages of their professional and academic careers, these contributions make for a vibrant and grateful University.

Currently over 1900 students and former U.Porto students do volunteer work to help University activities. Our volunteers contribute with mentoring activities, dissemination programmes, and by representing the University in Portugal and around the world. U.Porto volunteers also include former U.Porto students, and they represent an extremely important global support community.

Be an ALUMNI volunteer and always help ensure that U.Porto continues to draw the best and the brightest students. You can also join our global group network, organize an event, or be a speaker at an event. Or you can help us organize a fundraising event.

By volunteering with U.Porto, you have the opportunity of giving back to your University, and provide the next generation of U.Porto graduates and new graduates with added value, which will strengthen their contact network, and earn valuable volunteering experience. There are several opportunities to participate in volunteer work, whether throughout the world or from the comfort of your home.

Learn more on the Volunteer page on the U.Porto website, or get in touch with the U.Porto ALUMNI Office, and find out how you can help with volunteer work for the University.


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