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Being a U.PortoALUMNI Ambassador is an opportunity to be a part of the success of the University of Porto (U.Porto), promoting, disseminating and representing the University with your national and international contacts. It is also a way for U.Porto ALUMNI to demonstrate their appreciation for the skills acquired during their studies, be it at the curricular or extracurricular level — and a chance to show their pride in being a part of the best University in the country. Meet the Ambassadors and learn how you can join this international network of excellence:

Who can become a U.Porto Ambassador

Any U.Porto alumnus or alumna, as well as foreign students who completed a mobility period at U.Porto.

What a U.Porto Ambassador can do

Each applicant to become a U.Porto Ambassador should choose at least one of the ambassador profiles described below, according to availability, experience and interest. Choosing a given profile does not mean you cannot be involved or develop activities in other areas.

Being a University Ambassador abroad:

  • Establishing a bridge between U.Porto and the local community in your current or former country/city of residence.
  • Promoting U.Porto with employers, increasing the chance for collaboration and partnership in Research, Development & Innovation (RDI), employment (recruiting graduates, offering internships or writing dissertations in a corporate setting) and entrepreneurship.
  • Helping to identify other U.Porto ALUMNI living in your current or former country/city of residence.
  • Establishing and promoting a network of contacts and communication with the Portuguese students and/or researchers who are studying and/or working in your current or former country/city of residence.
  • Being a contact point to support welcoming and integrating U.Porto's new students and graduates.
  • Developing a mentorship network to help final year undergraduates enter the job market and promote opportunities for employment or internships.
  • Ambassador for National or International Events:
  • Designing and organizing events in your field, in your city or country of residence.
  • Designing and organizing or supporting the organization of alumni social meetings and networking in your city or country of residence.
  • Sharing events and activities organized and/or promoted by U.Porto within your contact network.

Advantages and benefits of becoming an Ambassador

The experience acquired in these activities, together with the personal satisfaction derived from contributing to building the future of your University is the major benefit your involvement will provide. There are, however, additional benefits:

For further information, contact the U.Porto ALUMNI Office.


Gabinete Alumni e Financiamento Complementar
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Tel. +351 220 408 093

Support will be preferably made online or telephone. In the situations that it cannot occur, in person support will be done through pre-scheduling.